Never in my life would I think I would actually pay money to watch Chinese Orchestra. I remember sitting through the boring renditions in school whenever the Chinese Orchestra came on during our annual National Day concert. They were not as cool as the brass band who at least played some of the latest hits, and certainly not as fun to watch as the dances. But with the repeated prompts by YES 933 DJs, promising us that it would be a real treat, I thought I should at least give my favourite DJ some support. I asked a few friends if they want to come along and they readily agree. One of them was a member of my school Chinese Orchestra, and the other couple enjoy Chinese cultural performance. I knew Mike has all along wanted to watch SCO, having read that they have gained world recognition.
At only $20 per ticket, it was worth every cent. We were right at the back, but the lady at SISTIC had assured me that the hall was very small. She was right, I could see everyone clearly, even the blink on the DJ’s ear (or it must have been huge!) The fun started as soon as we entered the hall. 財神爷 greeted us at the door and gave us oranges and red packets. There were also stalls selling health food, and people were queueing for CNY calligraphy.
SCO is not your treditional Chinese Orchestra. They had a string section comprising of violins, violas and cellos, a rock band drummer and even huge xylophones. The music was fusion, even when they played some CNY songs. I enjoyed most when they performed the pop hits from Stephanie Sun and Jacky Cheung, although I could do without the singing DJs. The guest Violinist playing the $600K violin should have done a Chinese composition, like Liang Zhu, that would have prevented the concert from sounding like the SSO. The DJs put up a skit, enjoyable, but quite redundant. Perhaps they should have done something more in line with the event, like have a game naming the instruments, or even try to perform themselves. I was told u don’t need a music back ground for the Chinese Orchestra. Perhaps I am asking too much.
On the whole, to my surprise, I enjoyed the concert. The conductor was hilarious to watch, as he often conducts with one hand akimbo, and sometimes swept his hand over his hair midway as part of his stunt.
I quote DJ Ivy as she performed in the skit, he is so cute!

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