Affiliation bonus points? Fat hope!

So, the result’s out. Ivan had been posted to Nanyang JC in Lorong Chuan. I had no part in the decision making and was shocked when he told me he had been posted to his third choice. (First two choices being ACJC Science and Arts respectively). Why would both father and son choose somewhere so far is beyond me. Just yesterday, he had claimed that he left home at 6.10am but only managed to reach school at 7.35, officially late.
The first thought upon hearing the news that crossed my mind was, okay, so now I don’t need to return to all the places I had prayed before, especially at Angkok Wat, to thank the Gods there, since he did not remain at ACS (I) to do IB as I had prayed for. The second thought was perhaps Nanyang is a better choice than AC, and his education has now come full circle, starting at Nanyang Primary and ending at Nanyang JC (although they are not affiliated.)
Today at Yoga, my classmate, who daughter also got 11 (7 after CCA and higher MT bonus) managed to get into ACJC Arts and her classmates with 9 points (7 after bonus) managed to get into ACJC Science. She was really surprised to learn that Ivan failed to get in. Aren’t they affiliated? My thoughts exactly.
Apparently, affiliation bonus points play second fiddles to those whose aggregate is lesser before bonus and higher mother tongues bonus. In effect, there is no use for affiliation bonus points if there are many others who had scored better than you before bonus. I think the AC schools have given their own boys a miss representation on the use of affiliation bonus.
Ivan had filed an appeal two days ago, but I was told there are 300 on appeal at ACJC.
If there is anything positive from this episode, it is my hope that Ivan learns his lesson and does not repeat what he had done in ACSI, because the A’levels and the competition for the university is much tougher than this JC exercise. In two years’ time, regardless of where he is, the A levels would include people from RJC and HCI.
The competition begins now.

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