It’s Complicated (NC16)

Mike said he heard over the radio that a DJ’s comment about this show, something along the line that he can’t understand why two middle-aged people would find each other sexually attractive. Another comment I heard was from an Australian woman in her fifties and divorced three times, who did not like the show despite watching it twice because it hits too close to home.
That’s the difference between Asians and Westerners. To the Westerners, sex is very much a part of a middle-aged woman’s life, whether single or attached. If not, as quoted by the movie, ‘their vaginas would close up’. To the Asians, any women above fifty (or perhaps forty) should not be having sex.
I don’t know why Bee and I went to this movie, except perhaps there were no other chick or hen flicks on, and we thought any show with Meryl Streep should be good. It was quite enjoyable and some parts were laugh out loud funny. A western lady who came into the theatre midway sat right in the middle, away from the back three-rows crowd. She had laughed so loudly that the rest of us were silence with awe.
Meryl Streep acted as she did in Julie and Julia – like a giggling school girl, which was rather irritating especially when you can’t see anything amusing about the scene. At her son’s graduation in New York, she met up with her already married ex-husband and they slept togather after getting drunk. Her husband, whose young wife is trying for a baby had not had so much fun for a long time. He thought their affair was a perfect solution. They’d have fun sex with no attachment and no expectation. She agreed because it had been a long time, except now, another man, a recently divorced architect who is building an extension to her house has taken an interest in her too.
The humiliation came when she experienced the life of being the mistress, having her lover/ex cancelled at the last minute because of family commitment and decided to stop it. Their three grown up children were also distressed at having their parents together when they were always fighting before their divorce. It’s complicated! The children complained about the new relationship.
So who did she end up with? The newly divorced architect, or her cheating ex-husband? I’m not giving any spoiler here in case you want to watch the movie.
If anything, the movie highlighted the gap difference between the Westerners and Asians (Western parents smoking pot for fun!), no wonder it’s rated NC16.

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