My admiration to two women

I had a fabulous Monday yesterday. Aaron went off to camp and I had time on my hand to do whatever i want and did not have to rush home for him. I arranged lunch with a friend. She is the kid sister of my best friend who had migrated to Melbourne and went MIA, only to appear on my birthday annually. Her kid sister, meanwhile, has maintained contact with me. She was only eight when I first knew her and thus in my eye, has always been like a kid to me. But yesterday, it was a mature, corporate woman who came to meet me for lunch. As a bank analyst, Monday is a hectic day for her and she had managed to squeeze in only an hour plus for her lunch. In that short time, we managed to catch up on as much as possible, although with FB, we are pretty much up to date on our every day life.
Midway through lunch, her mother called and my friend spoke patiently to her.
Did something happen? I asked.
No, she calls me every lunch time. She replied.
Wow, such patience she has with her mother. I thought how nice to have a daughter like her. If my mother were to call me every lunch time at work, I’d definitely not be as patient.
Grandma calls me once every two days and already sometimes finds me very abrupt.
Grandma would ask, So, what’s new?
And i would reply, nothing, since the last we spoke, which was only two days ago. I could actually feel her disappointment that I have nothing to tell her, no gossip, no grumbles, no gribes or no good news. I would feel obligated to ask her the same thing. Sometimes she’d tell me news about my aunts, or my brother visiting her or a new problem with her body, like an ache, or insommia, but more often than not, there isn’t really anything new to talk in two days.
I met Bee for a movie and for dinner. I updated her on my last two weeks and how I’ve been cleaning my MIL’s house and Gran’s house. She smiled knowlingly when I complained about the clutter issue at my MIL’s house. It’s no use, you have to live with that. Old people are like that. Bee’s mother would not allow Bee to throw away any of Bee’s stuff and she has to declutter when her mother is not around.
Bee is one who takes good care of her mother too. Despite travelling for work and returning only on Saturday nights, she’d drive her mother around to the market and temple on Sundays.
I guess being the youngest unmarried daughters come with a certain responsibility to their mothers. For that, they have my admiration.

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