The past days.

I have been feeling really bored for the past few days – a restlessness I can’t seemed to shake off. I’ve finished reading one book, the new KBS dramas that started are not interesting and the latest Oprah magazine did not inspire me as much as before. Worse, the Korean DVD starring my fave hunk Oh Ji Ho whom my friend lent me was down right boring and I’m almost forcing myself to watch it.
A friend online recommended that i subscribe to the Writer’s Digest to focus on my writing. I did that promptly and was rewarded with a free e-book about the 70 mistakes that writers commonly make and 70 solutions. I’ve almost finished reading that but found him to be a little contradictory. (#43 Falling in love with your bad writing VS #44 Over Editing.) It’s probably I’m not studying the text properly. I have this problem sometimes. My eyes are following the words but my mind is wondering elsewhere. I can’t wait to read #68 Not respecting yourself as a writer.
So, I decided to go back to my novel and re-examine everything with a new eye, as recommended. It’s not easy reading through new eyes when you have written it and can almost predict the next word to the next line. Do my characters all sound the same? Did I escalate the conflict? Rule #46 Not moving on was brutal. It said "There comes a time when you just have to put that manuscript in a drawer and let it go. Start writing a new book. Consider it an investment learning." When I read it, I thought, well, at least he did not say to burn it.
I so hate it when I’m told to do it as an investment. I remembered not so long ago when I appealed to Ivan’s principal to admit him and was told to pay an astronomical figure. Consider it as an investment for your son. I still can’t decide if that investment had paid off.
I digress. Back to my writing. OK, i promise to give myself the next few weeks to re-edit and then go on to the next project, a biography of my Grandma.
Just last week, she reviewed something really interesting to me. My brother had bought her a blouse for CNY as he wanted Grandma, himself and Sebby to wear the same outfit that day. Gran thought it was white and wanted to reject it right away but decided otherwise when she found the colour to be creamy beige.
Do you know why I don’t like wearing white? She asked me over the phone. It’s because when you were in Kindergarten, I fell down from a ladder and blacked out for a few minutes. Your father had to drive you to school before sending me to the hospital. I remembered I was in white then. And remember that time I had stroke? I was in white. So white is a bad colour for me.
I asked her. So, what is your good colour? You know, the colour you were wearing when you strike 4D? Or receive happy news?
She paused and replied, "I don’t know. I’ve never noticed."
It’s not easy writing her biography. I know she has lots of things to tell me. I’ve tried asking her once but the story went round and round and I ended up being more confused. Mike said writing biography is hard. You not only have to tell her story from her point of view, but you must also interview everyone she knows. That sounded like really hard work.
So, I’m taking things slow for the moment. The boost will come soon.

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