Sooner or Later – Debbie MaComber

I know – I’m such a boring woman, forever reading the same authors and the same genre. There is a reason why they call them hen lit.
This is the first time I’m reading a sizzling romance written by this author, who also used to write for Harlequinn. The other titles were more women stories. I borrowed this book from NLB and it came in large print format, what a breeze to read!
This characters from this book are taken form an earlier book of hers, Someday Soon. The author is so besotted with Murphy from that book that she had to give him his own story.
Murphy and Jack are owners in their company providing a mercenary services. (Mercenary- a private soldier).
While on a holiday at home in Texas, the local post mistress, Letty, decided to hire Murphy to rescue her brother Luke, a missionery stationed in Zarcero, S America, as there were threats of a military coup. He was reluctant and to desuade her, requested payment of the indecent sort, a one-night stand. She agreed and off they went to Zarcero. It was an adventure very similar to the movie Romancing the Stone (Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.) It had me glued night after night.
The other couple in the story was about Jack and Marcie. Like Murphy, he does not believe in marriage and indulges in come and go sex with Marcie, except Marcie is no longer the woman he left nine months ago. She is now properly courted by the local plumber and although still sexually attracted to Jack, she was adament about changing her life.
So did the men manage to get their women? You’d be surprised as one did and one did not.
I was surprised to read the sex scenes in the book, although not as trashy as some I have read, it was still quite explicit, quite different from the usual prim and proper DM books with barely any kiss.

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