Lessons from everyday life.

Yesterday Aaron had a Chinese ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ assignment that he needed help for. I made him read the passage aloud. It was about a twenty something 女孩 ‘girl’ who had a tiff with her mother and ran out of the house in anger, vowing never to return home again. But she had forgotten to bring along her purse and by night fall, she was starving. Still, she insisted she would not go back, since her mother did not understand her. As she passed a noodle shop, the owner asked if she would like a bowl of noodle. She nodded but told him that she had no money to pay him. ‘No worries, let this be my treat.’ He replied. She was very grateful and wondered how he could be so kind. He reminded her that all he did was to offer her one bowl of noodle and she was already so grateful, then she must really be appreciative towards her mother for having served her meals all these years. Ashamed, she realised her mistake and ran home without even finishing the meal. At the bottom was a reminder to the kids not to take their parents for granted.
I wonder if Aaron felt anything as he was reading it, or was it just a boring story to him.
Just now watching American Idol, one contestant was among the last to be called in. He had waited since nine that morning and by twelve, he was still waiting. When he finally entered the room, he was clearly sulking. Simon asked why he was there and he replied, Isn’t it obvious I’m here to try for the American Idol? The judges were taken aback by his rudeness.
What song is he singing? House of the rising sun, do you know the song?
Kara asked him why he was so angry and he replied that he is annoyed as he had been kept waiting for more than three hours. That really blew Kara’s top. She reminded him that there are people who waited their whole lives for this opportunity and he is annoyed because of three hours? Although he was quite a good singer, he was booted off because of his attitude, although Simon said he would have said Yes.
This man reminded me of my son, the cockiness and his know all attitude. I wish my son could see himself in that man, how he puts others down for asking obvious questions. ‘Stupid’, ‘retard’ are some of his more frequently used adjectives. Sometimes, one does not have to speak for others to dislike him. Just his body language gives out negative vibes.
That man walked away, still confused over why he was so disliked by the judges when he claimed did not do anything wrong. I bet he would still not know the reasons even after watching himself on TV.
Contrast this to another 28 years old contestant. It’s the final time he can enter the contest. He was so nice that Simon called him boring. The other judges tried to teach him to be more assertive.
Randy told him to tell Simon, say Simon STOP IT! He went, Simon, stop it…please? It was clearly difficult for him not to be nice and the judges had to put him through as he was so likeable and humble.
Lessons I wish my sons learn from these two episodes :
Never to take their parents for granted
Be humble.

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One Response to Lessons from everyday life.

  1. Nabueh says:

    And try waiting for hours to join The Singapore Idols? Then blow his top off?

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