Many thanks, Buddy

Aaron is in primary five this year. For the past three days, he was a buddy to a primary one boy named Gregory Yeo. He had to help Gregory buy food during recess and also did some art classes together with him.
Gregory eats the same food everyday, he’d comment upon returning home.

When I heard that, I felt so proud of him. Being the youngest in the family, he does not have the opportunity to take care of anyone younger. Hopefully his Uncle Min would allow him the opportunity when Sebby is a little older. Perhaps by then, being a teen, he won’t even bother.

Yesterday was the last day of the primary one orientation and buddy system. Gregory gave him a present. In it was some chocolates and biscuits and a photograph of both of them taken by Gregory’s Grandpa.
Behind the photo, someone had written – Many thanks, Buddy, from Gregory Yeo, 1L, 5 Jan 2010
So sweet right?

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