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Never in my life would I think I would actually pay money to watch Chinese Orchestra. I remember sitting through the boring renditions in school whenever the Chinese Orchestra came on during our annual National Day concert. They were not … Continue reading

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Affiliation bonus points? Fat hope!

So, the result’s out. Ivan had been posted to Nanyang JC in Lorong Chuan. I had no part in the decision making and was shocked when he told me he had been posted to his third choice. (First two choices … Continue reading

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Anger Management

The beginner’s yoga class on Tuesday morning could not start due to lack of enough participants, which left my yoga teacher free to observe the four of us, her advance students. We were especially mindful about how we do, incase … Continue reading

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It’s Complicated (NC16)

Mike said he heard over the radio that a DJ’s comment about this show, something along the line that he can’t understand why two middle-aged people would find each other sexually attractive. Another comment I heard was from an Australian … Continue reading

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My admiration to two women

I had a fabulous Monday yesterday. Aaron went off to camp and I had time on my hand to do whatever i want and did not have to rush home for him. I arranged lunch with a friend. She is … Continue reading

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Stop the clock

Last week, I chanced upon the show Four Weddings and A funeral on Star Movie. This was one of my favourite shows and it introduced me to Huge Grant and Andie MacDowell twenty years ago. I’ve probably watched the show … Continue reading

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The past days.

I have been feeling really bored for the past few days – a restlessness I can’t seemed to shake off. I’ve finished reading one book, the new KBS dramas that started are not interesting and the latest Oprah magazine did not … Continue reading

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Sooner or Later – Debbie MaComber

I know – I’m such a boring woman, forever reading the same authors and the same genre. There is a reason why they call them hen lit.   This is the first time I’m reading a sizzling romance written by this author, … Continue reading

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The Buddha, Geoff and Me By Edward Canfor-Dumas

Out of the blues, I received a sms from a friend who wanted to know what’s my mission in life. Such a profound question for a woman who has not been using her brains. I told her I’d need time … Continue reading

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The Neighbours

Two days ago after sending Aaron off to school at the bus stop, a neighbour who had also sent her son off approached me and told me that his son came home from school and showed her a ‘mark’ on … Continue reading

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