My Twenty Wishes…if I can complete it.

In the book Twenty wishes by Debbie Macomber, Anne Marie and her four widowed friends made twenty wishes to get themselves out of their gloom. When people around them heard about it, they started making their own twenty wishes. It is not an easy task making twenty wishes. Many times, most people do not really know what they want in life.
After watching Oprah, I made a vision board. Till today, I have only a handful of stuff on it, one of which is to attend the Oprah show live. Now that she has announced her retirement from her TV show next year, I wonder if I will still be in time to go.
One of my wishes on my vision board came true, and that is to vacation at Banyan Tree Lijiang. Twenty wishes do not have to make sense, and do not have a time line. But it works like the law of attraction. By putting it down, at least you know what makes you happy and hopefully works towards it and the universe will manifest for you.
After reading the book, I thought I should make my own twenty wishes, and keep them here as a time capsule. After all, this is the final year of the first decade of the millinium.
My Twenty Wishes
1. To see the Northern Lights
2. To see the City of Petra
3. To publish at least one book
4. To appear in Tatlar magazine
5. To live in Korea for a year
6. To curb my temper, ever
7. To be financially independent
8. To learn to play one song on the piano by hard.
9. To compose a song
10. To trek in Napal/Butan/Tibet
11. To search for positives in every situation
To be continued…See lah, not so easy…

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