The food court at Ion (B4)

My sons love takoyaki octopus balls. Whenever I’m in town, I would oblige them with a box of three each. At $2.20 for thee balls, it’s not cheap. Sometimes at the Pasar Malam in Clementi, we can buy them for $2.00 but I was told it’s not as good.
Bee told me the best takoyaki octopus balls is at Gindaco, located in the foodcourt at the basement B4 of Ion. Look for the stall with the longest queue, she said.
On Friday, Mike and I happened to be there. With fifteen minutes to our parking coupon’s expiry, we decided to queue for it. The stall is fitted with glass windows where you can see how the balls are made. First they poured the thin dough into the skillet. Next, they added the octopus, scallion and a dash of something, and then further topped with the dough. It was messy and a lot of wastage as the cooks threw away the extras that were littered on the skillet. The cooks chatted as they talked and Mike commented that they should put on face masks.
The queue was slow moving as we had to wait for new batches to cook. We studied the menu – S$4.80 for a ‘boat’ of 6 pcs, $6.00 for a set including Maicha (Green tea). One man ordered 6 boats, delaying us further. While Mike queued, I checked around the other stalls. I tried the minced chicken balls offered. It was good but rather saltish. Then I spotted a stall selling Japanese swiss rolls (Arinco King, 2 stalls away). The best seller, green tea, was tempting. At $15.50 for a 15cm roll (approx), it would be a ‘once in a while’ indulgence.
So the verdict? My sons love the balls, even thought they ate them cold. I thought it was so so, not much difference from the one at Taka, as I could not taste the scallion. The ball breaks easily and it was more difficult to eat with the skewer. The green tea came ina plastic cup and was 3/4 full. It was refreshing.
As for the swiss roll, the fresh cream was heavenly. Although the cake itself is soft, the taste of green tea was masked by the thick cream. It’s sinful just thinking of the amount of full fat fresh cream that is rolled in that.
There are many new stalls which i’ve yet to discover. One thing I know though, our favourite Tian Tian Hainan Curry rice from Bukit Merah opened a stall there. I’m sure the prices there must be much higher than the already high price we pay at B.M.
If, and when, the crowd lessens at Ion, i may just make my way back there.

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