Gyu-Kaku UE Square

16 December 2009 was my 21st wedding anniversary. I know it’s cliche to keep saying this – but I really can’t believe I’ve been married that long. In four years’ time, it’ll be my silver anniversary. It brings to mind an image of Mike and I, both silver-haired and sitting on rocking chairs. By the way, I expect some silver gifts then from people who are reading this now.
Last night, Mike and I went to Gyu-Kaku UE Square for some wagyu beef. Apparently, It has been on Mike’s mind ever since he saw the photos of the delicious meat grilling on 丁志勇’s blog. He was all ready to splurge and binge. And slurge we did. Our meal last night cost $370 for just the two of us.
Luckily we made reservation as the restaurant was full. They wanted to seat us at the bench and we protested that it’s our anniversary and we want to eat face to face, not side by side. They were gracious to move us to a 4 seater cubicle, and even presented us with two complimentary glasses of house wine to go with our meat for our anniversary.
We ordered a Set menu ($213) consisting of different cuts of bite size Australian wagyu – tongue, fillet, ribeye, and rumbs ( about 3-4 slices each). The set comes with a free salad. We chose Horenso, a Japanese spinach salad which was too little for two, and ordered another Caesar salad($8.00) to share. The meat was accompanied by a dip that tasted like tariyaki sauce.
The tongue, sliced very thinly, was chewy, the gamey taste masked by freshly squeezed lemon. The ribeye was delicious on its own, although I prefer it with mustard. The fillet, in thin slices had some marbling texture, nice to chew. The rump, although thick, was juicy and tender. We added some Himalayan rock salt (at the side condiment tray) to boost the taste. The wine, a barossa from Australia ($55 a bottle), was smooth and robust, a great accompaniment to the meat.
After we finished our platter, Mike decided to try the original Japanese wagyu (graded A4), which they were promoting. We ordered the sampler ($88). The dish came with a mayo and sauce dip and a side plate of lettuce to wrap the grilled meat in. We thought the Australian wagyu was much better, probably because of the better cuts.
By the end of the meal, we were nicely filled, not stuffed as we had no carbohydrates.

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2 Responses to Gyu-Kaku UE Square

  1. Nabueh says:

    照り焼きshould be spelled "TERIYAKI". So that was an Atkin’s diet? So similar to our boot camp on our last anniversary.

  2. Vicky says:

    Amos, what boot camp? Pray tell.

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