It’s the time of the year when Christmas carols are played over the airways and in the malls. I love shopping during this time, when the atmosphere – the decors combined with the music – brings forth the festive spirit, and entice me to splurge more. It’s commercialised, I know, but how else are we able to feel the X’mas spirit in Singapore without the cold and snow.
My friend in US just wrote a blog on Christmas carols and how most of his students do not even know what a carol is and could not sing a whole X’mas carol. Another friend commented in Facebook that she feels weird singing Silent Night Holy Night in the afternoon (probably in church). In my mother’s estate, Faberhills, there will be carolling at the park this Sunday. The radio plays Last Christmas by George Michael and any songs which have the word Christmas in it, although these are strictly not carols.
My favourite of all the Christmas songs is The Twelve Days of Christmas. My sister and I had tried to memorise the lyrics when we were young and somehow, the lyric stucked and I love to show off by singing to the music in the shopping mall. My sons feel embarrassing, but I don’t care, I’m sure people listening are in awe.
Up til today, I have only received two Christmas cards, one from NTUC Insurance, an another from a friend in the US, who wrote to inform me that she has moved from Utah to Alaska. Usually by this time, i would have sent out a bunch of cards to all the groups of friends I have not kept in contact with for a long time. But with Facebook and my friends’ daily updates, I have no need for that anymore. Thus, I have no intention to send out any cards this year.
I read that Dick Lee gives at least 5 parties a year. This year, I’ll be hosting a party for my in-laws and I’m already feeling stressed out by all the cooking I have to do (actually heating the store-bought roast beef and turkey). Of course, Dick caters and has party planners. Me – I’m a lone ranger in this. All this to stir up the festive mood.
Lastly, to all the readers of my blog, HAPPY Christmas and 2010! Open-mouthed

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