An Education – A movie review

This movie was awarded 4 stars by ST Life!, so it must be good, since ST Life! is quite stingy with their stars. The only cinema still showing this movie is Vivo GV Europa. When Bee first told me about this theatre, I kept asking her where is that. Well, GV Europa, located at Vivo shows artie film and a ticket there cost $10pax, no discount allowed. Why so expensive? Other than having a bigger seat with longer leg room, I don’t see any difference.
An Education is a British movie, so one would expect either Hugh Grant or Emma Thomson in it. Hugh is not in but Emma has a small role playing the headmistress of girls’ school. This movie is set in early 1960s and the school scenes showing the girls having lessons and playing lacrosse reminded me of the Enid Blyton books I used to read (The Twins at St Claire, Melorie Towers). Jenny, a 16 year old girl is the brightest student in the class. Her goal was to read English in Oxford. She plays cello in an orchestra and met David, a thirty something man after rehersal one day. He courted her with concerts, art aunctions, dog races and trips to Oxford and Paris. Soon, she decided that life was much more fun with David than to pursue a degree at Oxford, much to the disappointment of her teacher. Her parents were approving, charmed by David’s wealth. As long as she marries well, her parent’s job is done.
What’s the point of Oxford, the point of this education? Jenny asked her teacher, who graduated from Cambridge, only to end up like you, in a boring job, leading a boring life?
Jenny’s life of glamour was short lived, interupted when she discovered that David was married and she was just one in a string of women who was seduced by him. Where would she be without David? The headmistress refused to take her back but luckily, with the help of her teacher, she managed to get into Oxford.
Bee and I left the cinema, and I told her my son had also asked Mike what’s the point of his Poly Education. He wants to migrate to Australia, to a better life, rather than to slog here. As for me? I was told many times by others what’s the use of my B. Sc degree when I’m now a housewife. Bee, wise as she is, reminded me that education is not just for preparation in a future career or financial security, but trains us analytically in making wise choices. I made the choice to be a housewife, a conscious decision, rather than forced into it by circumstances. I had a choice. Without an education, I may not have that privilege.
So my son, cherish the education you have now and try for the best. It may help you one day, although you won’t know it yet.

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One Response to An Education – A movie review

  1. Nabueh says:

    I love the education I had. It made me whole. I learn how to be happier and confirmed that happiness is from within and not how rich I can be. Most of all, I learn to connect to people, with the Arts and with the universe. My daughter is only getting a tiny bit of that and she’s already having a ball with her "education"! She reads more than two hours a day!

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