Feasting – HK

It’s terrible, the way I’ve been feasting, first in HK and Macau, then in KL. I daren’t step on my weighing scale. There’d be more feasting in three weeks’ time during Christmas. After that is CNY. People have been commenting about how rounded Aaron is. I hope I’m not next on their list.
I had told Aaron prior to our trip to HK that there’ll be no theme park visits. Instead, our purpose there is to eat. No problem, said he, as expected. The must try on our list are Tim Sum, wonton mee and roast goose.
The moment we stepped out from the plane, we went to the nearest 茶餐厅 in our resort for dinner. The meal, though oily, was not disappointing. The beef kailan had the wok hei, the kampong chicken was lean and the braised pork rib was tender.
The next morning, we were dropped off at Canton Road in TsimShaTsui. We wanted wonton mee. As we walked blindly along what is Orchard Rd in HK, we passed 糖朝Sweet Dynasty, one of the restaurants recommended by Mike’s colleague. It was crowded with tourists. We immediately orderd wonton mee. Not as good, but enough to satisfy our craving. That was meant to be brunch. After that, we passed by a herbal jelly shop and decided to step in for our dessert. The 龜苓膏and 枇杷膏were bitter and burning hot.
While walking along Nathan Road, we passed a corner shop selling Beef offals. It looked really delicious. Although it was freezing outside, the chef was dressed in a singlet, busy preparing the meals in the glass window. We told ourselves we must eat there before we leave. The wonton mee was very delicious, and the beef offals were tender and tasty.
Our friend in HK is a vegetarian and she took us to a vegetarian tim sum. I didn’t mind but I think tim sum with no pork and chicken feet just does not satisfy.
One of our to-do list was to eat hairy crabs. I had my first taste of hairy crabs in 1989 in HK and I was very sure the crabs there were more delicious than Singapore. Our friend recommended East Ocean Restaurant. The meal was HK$388 person. We debated if we should order a set for Aaron, and decided none of us want to share. So, that was the most expensive meal we had, but worth every cent. Read the menu.
One thing though about eating crabs in cold weather – the fingers get cold very fast – not a nice feeling.
The rest of the meals were quite unforgettable. We missed our roast goose and only had that in HK airport.
Regretably, we also had to buy 老婆饼 at the airport, although I would have love to buy it from a store we passed near Temple Road, where I had the wife biscuit with century egg. Heavenly.
Next blog, Macau food.

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One Response to Feasting – HK

  1. Nabueh says:

    Four characters: 粥 粉 面 饭。 And 老婆饼 (in Cantonese) you sounded like you had to buy biscuit for "all your wives". Funny! 祝: 发福!

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