Soccer Moms

When I told my yoga mates that I’d be missing yoga yet again last Friday to accompany my son for his soccer tournaments in KL, they labelled me soccer mom. In the US, Soccer moms are very popular. They drive their kids here and there for tournaments and practices. I do that too in Singapore, thus I’m indeed a soccer mom, converted from being a swimming mom.
It’s not too terrible when you are labelled according to what you do if you are a doctor, lawyer, DJs, bankers, or even just executives. It’s terrible only when your label is associated with being a mom or wife, and that makes it so…I don’t know what adjective to use – not meaningless or useless…perhaps diminutive is more apt.
So, did my son appreciate this trip where I accompany him to his school’s participation in the 2009 Cross Straits Soccer Tournament? I knew he did not want me to go and I had assured him that I would not follow him around. He made sure of that the moment I stepped into the bus. He sat right at the back, away from his mother. At meal times, he preferred to sit on another table. Once during dinner, his teacher, who had sat next to me asked which is my son (just in case I’m a gate crasher!), and I pointed vaguely to the opposite end of the rectangular table. Wow, so far away from you, she exclaimed.
I felt very left out, as I was not familiar with any of the people there, other than the coach and Aaron. Other moms (two others) who went knew each other and the fathers as well. One grandmother who went had her grandson stuck close to her all the time. I was often alone, and no, I have no wish to make conversation with the boys who ended up sitting next to me, other than asking them to eat. Thank goodness my KL friends took me out over the weekend and treated me to KL’s best meals and only deposited me back at the hotel only aften ten pm. The other soccer moms complained of being tired out waiting in the sun during the tournaments (from 8am – 6pm) and of the terrible food served. Me? I had time to colour my hair, shop and eat.
When I related the tale to my yoga partner today, whose son had just graduated from NYPS this year, she told me not to take heart. Her son is just the same. It wasn’t too long ago when her youngest son would not go anywhere without mommy. Suddenly one day, when she went to school to pick her son up because her husband could not make it, she had a shock when her son spotted her and retreated back to school. He even signalled to her to wait and not appraoch him until all his schoolmates had left. Angered, she turned and left and he followed a distant behind.
So, other than being ignored by my own son during the trip, I admit I had a fun time being a part-time soccer mom.

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