Appreciate more, depreciate less

One day before I left for my vacation, I had a big fight with one of my sons. Yes, a huge fight – one that caused me to burst into tears and sent Mike running home from work. I was very down after that, even though I tried desperately to cheer myself up for a farewell dinner for CTSS’s principal on the same night. The vacation did wonders. I forgot my sorrows and immersed myself in having fun. Then I returned home – to a garage dirty of leaves, shed from my dehydrated plants, which was lush before I left. In the laundry basket was almost a week of my two older sons’ dirty laundry, which was supposed to be brought to my mother’s house for wash. Outside on the hanger, the clothes I told them to keep before I left was still hanging.
I was very angry and very disappointed with the teenagers’ lack of responsibilities as well as care for their home. There was no pleasure in seeing their parents and younger brother’s return, and no greetings when we stepped in on our return. I gave myself a big red F on my parenting report card. They spent the whole time on their PC cooped up in their room, only emerging when it’s time for meals. If not, they’re out galavanting with their friends or having their ECAs.
All the pleasure I experienced during my vacation drained upon my return. I had a hard time coping. There was no mutual pleasure at seeing the teens and I fervantly wish to leave again for another vacation, which I shall in a few days’ time. However, in the mean time, I needed to accomodate their existence in my life. I really can’t wait for them to leave for NS.
Then, one day, mypaper came to my rescue. Geoff Tan, Sr VP of SPH’s marketing division wrote a viewpoint entitled Appreciate more, depreciate less. The article reminded me of what I had been trying to teach myself through the Secret and Law of Attraction. He said, by thinking positive and smiling, you not only help others, but also yourself. He also quoted Ralph Marston, though things may be far from perfect for you, act like it’s a great day to be alive. Because it is. See the world around you for what it is, and know that it cannot bring you down. Live today as if it is the best day you could possibly imagine. And in doing that you make it so.
After reading that, I obeyed his instruction to pucker up, spread those luscious lips and show off to the world my sparkling pearly whites.
Remember your yesterdays, dream your tomorrows, live your todays. I shall try really hard, Geoff, and thanks very much for this reminder.

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