The Dilemma of Things II

When I won the tickets to Ninja Assasin, starring Korean hunk Rain, I had not intended to go. Sitting through a violent movie is a torture. I decided to give the tickets to my older kids. They were really pleased. I had planned to take Aaron to another movie, possibly 2012, with a pair of free movie money generously given by Ivan, but had warned Aaron that I may not be able to get the tickets since this is kind of a last minute purchase.
By 5pm, Andreas was running late. It was raining and AYE had the usual bottle neck jam at Lower Delta. Despite this, we managed to reach Vivo by 5.45pm. I was supposed to collect the free tickets at 6.10pm, and there was no one around at the MYPaper organiser table. The other vendors were also giving away free tickets. WB, Star Movie and another company. I told the boys to go the HK Kim Gary Restaurant to order the food first while I went to ticket counter to buy the 2012 tickets.
There’s only the front row left, which is about 4m away from the screen. Sitting so close with all the explosions happening in your face was more than uncomfortable, but the prospect of taking a whinning Aaron shopping for the next two hours while we wait for his brothers was even worse. Take the sides, it’s better than the middle, the seller suggested helpfully when I hesitated a little too long and so I bought the pair of tickets.
After that, I took my position at the head of the queue. As people saw me queueing, they quickly queued behind me and soon, a snaking queue formed all the way outside the theatre. By 6pm, there was still no sign of the organizer. A man arranging notebooks to be given away free told me apologetically that the organizer were caught in a jam in CTE. What? How would they be able to arrive to distribute tickets for the 6.50pm movie? While waiting, a woman behind me commented that luckily she did not give the tickets to her 17-year-old son, since the movie is M18. I turned and a rolling tagline at the side promoting the movie confirmed my worse fear. The movie is rated M18.
The phone rang at that instant and Andreas told me that my food had arrived. I broke the bad news to him. So how? What do we do? 
I called Mike, knowing full well he would not come since he is busy doing his bowel preparation for today’s colonscopy. He did not pick up. I called Bee. She’s in the middle of facial. Should I give up my queue and go home, and waste four tickets, since Ivan had already seen the movie 2012 twice with his friends and was adament that he did not want to watch it the third time? At the last resort, I called my brother, Min, keeping my fingers crossed that he would be able to get away from his office, rushed home to pick up his wife and make it here by 6.50pm, but not having much hope.
As luck would have it, he was at home having dinner and yes, they would come immediately. Phew!
And so, all turned up well. The organizer came only at 6.40pm, ten minutes before my brother. Andreas took Aaron to the movie and I went shopping with Ivan, who was equally pleased, since I agree to buy him all the stuff he wanted.
What a night!

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