The dilemma of things

I’d been having problems with my newspapers delivery ever since a new vendor took over three years ago. They had engaged a very old (yes very old) Chinese national man to deliver the papers and he could never get it right. I get ST on weekdays and both Sunday Times and 早报 on weekends. For many weekends or public holidays, he would forget to deliver the 早报. If not, on certain days, I would not find my newspapers at all because he had conveniently skipped my house.
Luckily I wake up very early and I rarely face the problem of wet newspapers but my neighbours had complained many times that their newspapers get wet, all because he was not strong enough to throw the newspapers further into the  garage, leaving them exposed to the weather.
Recently, after many such complaints, the old men was replaced. His replacement is I guess the vendor’s maid. Not only is she fast and doesn’t get it wrong, but she has the initiative to put the newspapers in the postbox if she sees the household still sleeping.
But is it right to get the maid to do this? She delivers the papers very early – around 6am – perhaps afraid of complains to MOM, or perhaps she needs to rush back for household chores. Is she being abused into doing this? Or perhaps she volunteered for the extra pay? Either way, it’s not right but do I turn a blind eye, and risk getting the old man back to deliver my papers?
It’s dilemmas like these that put me in the spot. When I complimented Thomas from NPark’s contractor in the Forum for helping me , Mike had warned that Thomas may get into trouble, either because he is condoning soccer playing in the park, or risk some other safety issue. I decided to take the chance anyway and crossed my fingers that he keeps his job. Until today, I had not heard any official reply either to the forum or my private email on whether soccer player is allowed at Faberhills Park.
Someone is also keeping one eye closed.

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