Tappanyaki Buffet @ Shima, Goodwood Park

My good friend, Bee, took a day off on Friday to take me out for a belated birthday lunch at Shima. She had just finished a hectic 10-day schedule travelling to Bangkok and Phuket for business and decided she needed a rest as well. She wanted a French restaurant at Dempsey Rd, being a ‘jia kantang’ sort of girl, whereas my Asian palette wanted Asian. Knowing how I like beef and Japanese, she suggested Shima.
I had not been to Shima for a long time. I think the last time I went was for my mother’s birthday more than ten years ago. Those times I went, we could have our table away from the cooking chef and then descend downstairs for coffee and dessert.
Last Friday, despite being the first to arrive and having reservation, I was shown to a corner at the end of a rectangular table. I requested to move to the centre, so as to have a better view of the chef’s demo. Unfortunately, these had been reserved by a party of six. Sit here, one chef told me in Mandarin pointing to the chiller next to me, here not so hot, the centre is very hot.
Bee arrived soon after, and we were served Japanese green tea, together with a plate consisting of 4-piece salmon sashimi while we waited for the pan to heat up. Next to follow was tampura prawns and shishamo and if you wanted to, you could also order California Temaki.
Tappanyaki without the chef performing is akin to just eating next to a hot wok, and getting the fumes and smoke in the process. The marinade tasted the same in all the dishes and we could feel the effect of ajinomoto after a few rounds. The chef cooked salmon in broth (in an aluminium tin foil), oyster, chicken, beef, bean sprouts and fried rice using two long ladles. I felt a distinct lack of green vegetables.


The chef was tall, as the job requires a man with long arms in order to serve the people sitting around him. However, where he stood had a low ceiling and he was in a permanently hunched position. His face creased with the smoke and I felt sorry that he was suffering to feed us. Needless to say, there was no acrobatic performance showing of throws of ladles and pepper shakers.

The party of six wanted some more to eat after one round, and the waitress throughtfully put us to another empty table to serve us coffee and dessert, which was just a few slices of watermelon. For that, the lunch was S$39+++ pax.
After lunch, we looked at our watch and decided that we could make it for the movie My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent after all.

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2 Responses to Tappanyaki Buffet @ Shima, Goodwood Park

  1. Nabueh says:

    I thought it was spelled "Teppan-yaki" and "tempura". Maybe I’m wrong.

  2. Vicky says:

    Prof Ong, you r so picky!!

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