Heartland Auntie

I was disappointment when I had to miss Sophie’s house-warming when I contracted dengue in August. The women from my Clementi Sport Complex yoga class contributed potluck and had so much fun. It would have been a great opportunity to mingle and get to know them better, since I’m always rushing off after class.
Sophie also teaches pilate at Bukit Gombak Sports Complex and last week, she decided to open her house again to the BG group today.
Don’t bring anything, no food or gift, just come, she said to us. We felt funny just going over for free lunch, yet we also did not want to clutter her house with unwanted stuff. So, like obedient school children, most of us went empty handed. Unbeknownst to us, there are quite a few bakers in class. One baked chocolate whole wheat muffin, another baked butter cake while her 15 year-old-son made mango sago dessert. Sophie made laksa, baked a banana cake as well as honey-oak biscuits, plus warm lemon-grass infusion tea. All the women enjoyed it and promised to do extra work out over the weekend.
She invited only the regulars who had been with her for the past two years, thus keeping the gathering small. Her 3.5 room apartment at B Batok was simply furnished and had a great view of the green B B hill. It was nice to chit chat like old friends, while we share tales of kids and families as well as our other exercise regimes. I always felt bad rushing off after class, but I’m not one to socialise very well. Very often, I’ll see groups of housewives chatting at kopi-tiams after their exercises and wished my class could be like that as well. Perhaps this could be a start.
I’m happy to be a heartland auntie.

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