Aaron’s P5 Book List

Appreciation note: Finally, the last day of O’ levels today. My friend met me yesterday and asked if I had been stressed. Although my reply was a NO, as i had I stopped bothering about Ivan since August, indeed, I feel lighter today. Another friend is giving me a late birthday treat later at Shima at Goodwood Park Hotel and I’m looking forward to it.
Aaron received his P5 reading list and I managed to locate some books at the library. Among them was this book titled ‘Be A Perfect Person In Three Days’ by Stephen Manes. The title sounds really interesting and I decided to read it myself. How on earth could anyone be a perfect person in three years, much less three days? This book is really funny and if you are interested, go read it, cos my review might contain a spoiler.
Another book I found was ‘A Beginning, A Muddle and An End – The right way to write writing’ by AVI. It tells of the friendship between Avon Snail and Edward Ant. Avon wants to be a writer but does not know how, so he consulted Edward who gave him very good advise on good writing. The writer’s (AVI, that is) play with words was fun to read. He writes chiasmus, my favourite form of phrase. I quote, ‘A good writer will never say mean things, but the best mean what they say." Another interesting thing he wrote was about arguement – while creatures (Edward and Avon are creatures, not humans) often lose arguements, i’ve never heard of anyone getting an arguement…and even if you don’t have one, you can still get into one – think about that!
Another interesting point in the book is this:
I know the difference between g-o-d and d-o-g, says Avon.
You have things backward, said Edward.
I’m trying to be straightforward, cried Avon, you think you are smart, but in ancient Egypt they worshipped a god named Anubis who was a dog. So if you lived then, the difference between spelling g-o-d and d-o-g wouldn’t have been helpful. You could have spelled the word in either direction and you’d get the same thing, a dog and a god.
The play with words are often fun. Avon, being a snail, has no feet, and he slips along, and that to Edward sounds like slipshod writing!
There are many other fun bits in the book relating to the use of English. Go read for fun, if not to learn.
By the way, I wrote a chiasmus for myself in my writing blog – Hardly beautiful, but beautiful at heart. What do you think of that?

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