If I could live my life again…

Every Monday in Life!’s interview with different celebrities, the last question asked of them is to complete the sentence "If I could live my life again, I would…" Inevitably, the celebrity would give the cliche answer of "I would live the same way/life/change nothing, etc…"
My friend, a staunch Buddhist often comments that what we do now affects our karma for our next life. I asked her once, if that’s the case, why not let us remember how we lived our past lives and not make the same choices or mistakes again? Life would be an adventure we if remember how we had lived before and then take the risk and plunge into a different life style.
If I could live my life again, I would definitely not want to live this same life. I’d rather be single and travelling the world. I would not take the safe route of going to NUS and then working at an MNC, getting married and finally being a stay-home-mom (SAHM). This is not to say I’m not happy with how I’m living right now, or that I regret the choices that I have made in this life. Come on, who are you kidding? Would any SAHM choose this life style if not for the need of their kids? Some women like the tai-tai lifestyle of living the high life and leaving everything to the maid, and that’s not what i mean by a SAHM, whom many people tend to confuse with tai-tai’s.
Of course, the grass is always greener on the other side. That’s why I’m skeptical when people say that they want to live the same life again, even if they are rich and famous celebrities. Perhaps I might say the same thing if I’m a rich and famous celebrity.
So, if I could live my life again, I would like to be a man, be taller, prettier, slimmer, etc. Of course these are not choices I have. So, instead, I would choose to
1) Travel around the world on backpack after graduation, like what I had planned to do but failed to do.
2) Get a job in another country, or countries, and not be obligated as an eldest daughter and grand-daughter.
3) Probably opt to be single and childless.
4) Be braver, and take greater risk.
If only…

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