Me a nagger?

Aaron’s school soccer team is organizing a trip to KL for a friendly match on 4-7 Dec. It would have been a perfact vacation for the whole family if not for the marathon, which Mike and Andreas would be taking part in. I decided to accompany Aaron on the trip, and at the same time take the opportunity to meet up with the KL girls.
Yesterday, Aaron was disappointed that I am to accompany him up. I don’t need anyone to come with me, and if someone really has to come, I prefer to have papa, he said. His father was very pleased to hear that, but asked anyway why? Because mummy is always nagging at me.
Well, thank you very much for that, Aaron. Who made me what I am today? It’s all thanks to you that I’m a nagger. No, I have not become my mother. She has never ever nagged at us. My mother and her kids lead such individual lives when we were young that there was never a need for her to nag. She minded her own business while we went about doing whatever we want. She was never a hands-on mother, which suited us just fine.
Me, I’m the direct opposite. I admit I micro-manage, right down to the minute details. It would have been perfect if my kids listen and follow instructions. Why don’t you speak Mandarin to them so that they can improve their Chinese? I am often asked, since I’m from a Chinese school. Well, they can’t even take instruction in English and to speak to them in Chinese would drive me to an early grave, since they basically tune out.
So why do I nag? To be honest, I have already cut down on my nagging alot. I have stopped nagging on the older two boys, but Aaron is a different story altogether. He doesn’t do as he is told, preferring to procrastinate, which is one of my pet peeves. Thus, he gets shouted at alot. I hate the nagger in me, and often remind the kids that it’s thanks to them that I turn out this way. I’m very consious whenever I nag, which is good, since I’ll try to stop when I repeated my lines three times.
Don’t worry, Aaron. I won’t accompany you to your games. I’m off to have my own fun in KL.

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