KL trip for birthday fun

When the girls in KL first broached the subject of my spending a weekend in KL, all expense paid, as a gift for my birthday, I was rather apprehensive, but NOT reluctant. Firstly, Ivan’d be having his O’levels, and I was scheduled for an operation which I hope would be done  before my Hong Kong trip. I knew too that there was no way I could turn them down without compromising my own principle on friendship. I’ve hosted them in Singapore and I knew they wanted a chance to return the favour.
So, with my butt barely healing, I took a Jetstar flight on Friday night, accompanied by CE on her home trip.
Upon reaching KLIA, my first thought was, ‘Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to KLIA – ten years at least.’ I was a frequent visitor to KL when I was working and KLIA, and prior to that, Subang Airport, had been where I spent my most stressful final hours in KL, often running for the gates and barely making it, thanks to my friend TSF who always believe, even now, that there is ‘planty of time’.
We took an express train to town centre where TSF and LK picked us up. Then, we’re off to supper where we had Hokkien fried mee and Lor mee. I was starving by then, since my last meal was at lunch. The noodles tasted delicious, with pieces of lards in every spoon full providing added crunch.
Back at the condo, LK bid us farewell. CE went straight to bed, all tired out after a day’s work at the office. TSF and I chatted until 3am.
Next morning, the plan was to have buffet breakfast at a hotel. I disagreed and wanted KL wonton mee. We compromised and had mee siam at Ikano Mall, a mall operated by IKEA, so that I can buy all the creams Mike needed without a prescription at the pharmacy. After some light shopping, it’s lunch.
I had TSF checked out on hairy crabs. It’s not a big thing in KL and after some enquiry, we went to Pantai Seafood for Hairy Crabs. For RM48 each, I thought it was a bargain, until I realised that they only have female crabs(not good), and that the staff there did not even know how to present the crabs to us. Nevertheless, the girls enjoyed it, both CE and LK having it for the very first time. TSF was having it for the first time in eleven years. The last time she had it was when both of us were in Shanghai in 1998 and our Shanghainese colleague, Jonathan Yang, treated us. We made a pact to eat hairy crab in Shanghai in eleven years’ time. TSF – remember our date, 2 Nov 2020.
I had been informed on Friday morning that a close ex-colleague’s mother had passed away that day and I reminded the girls that I should go for the wake. TSF’s mother had also wanted us to acoompany her to a wedding that night but we declined (I did not pack a dress, if not, it would be a wake and a wedding on the same day.) So after lunch, it off to Klang for to attend a wake, then back for a short rest before dinner.
Dinner was BBQ beef at a Korean restaurant 大长今. Then, smelling of BBQ meats, we drove to Shangri-la for drinks. They had a jazz singer that night, a pity, since jazz is not my style. As we were preparing tha cake, an American man apprached our table to tell us that it’s his birthday too. He pulled out his driving liscence to show us. He was a tad disappointed to learn that my birthday was actually two days later. We sent over two pieces of cake for him and his partner, and he in turn got the singer to dedicate to both of us a birthday song. Much later, he was presented with a chocolate cake by the hotel. He walked over and insisted we share his cake, even though we still had unfinished cakes on the table.  All in all, another fun but very late night.
Sunday morning, despite consecutive late nights, I was up at dawn. We drove out to have roti channai for breakfast and to the new Garden Mall for Karaoke. I was amazed at the cheap rate. RM20/pax for 11am-20am, including set lunch with buffet appetizer and fruits. For the first time, I sang only English songs.
Then, it’s back to the condo to pack up and head for KLIA.
For my forty-fourth birthday, I had a fabulous time ~ feast, fun and freedom. Thanks girls!

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