The past week

After one week of practically not being able to sit, I’m pleased to say that my butt is feeling much better and I’m only now able to sit without much pain. Hopefully I can sit through the new Jennifer Aniston’s movie Love Happens tomorrow night, since Mike managed to get free tickets for me.
Last Sunday was my nephew Sebastian’s (gosh, so difficult to call him that) first month and my brother had a buffet lunch catered. I watched with envy as guests tucked in tumeric rice (my favourite), cereal prawns, orr nee (another favourite) while I explained to everyone that since I’m going for my colonscopy the next day, I have to fast in order for my bowel preparation at 2pm. Yes, that’s what the medical people call it.
At 3pm, I diluted 1 small bottle of Fleet saline solution into two glasses and drank slowly. I was told that it tastes horrible and to ensure I don’t vomit it out, to sip it slowly. I didn’t mind the salty taste and finished the two glasses in 15 mins. Then, I could feel my stomach/gut churning and off to the toilet I went – for many times. Two hours later, as what Aaron would call it, my second wave of fleet solution and more toilet.
Monday morning. I woke up at 5.30am for another round of toilet before checking into the hospital at 7am. I was shown to my room 922. At 8.30, the nurses came to prepare me. I was dressed in a robe with all the ribbons untied at the back, made to lie in a trolley bed and wheeled into the operating theatre. There, I met one angmoh woman who just had her colonscopy and another angmoh man due to enter before me at the resting ward. How did I know? The nurse had asked him if his bowel was clear and he said no solid but the liquid was yellow. That was my concern too, yellow liquid, instead of clear colourless liquid.
My turn soon came and I was wheeled into the theatre. Probes were put on me to monitor my vitals. The room temperature was 14 deg C but I was not cold, or frighten. The Filipino male nurse who was assisting my anesthetist was friendly and reassuring. The anesthetist, a middle age woman came and administered the anesthetics through a tube in my hand. An oxygen mask was placed over my nose and mouth and I was told to breathe deeply and slowly. I thought the oxygen smelled funny and seconds later, like how it’s been played in a movie, there was double vision and I close my eyes and I was gone.
I felt my throat very sore and was relieved when someone removed a tube from my mouth. Then the same person tapped me and woke me, telling me that the operation is over. I was back in the resting ward. One and a half hour had past, although it seemed only a few minutes since I dozed off.
Back in my room, I felt fine although there was a slight sting at the bottom. Passing urine was an agony, and I was told that’s because of the anesthetics. It took me a few tries before I could pass. Other than that, there was no nausea or side effect.
Well, I’ve been living with that sting for the past week and only feel a slight relief today. I’m glad the ordeal is over as it’s not been very dignified to expose my butt to so many. Thank goodness I was unconcious the whole time. It was only during the doctor’s checkup at the clinic that it’s a bit embarrassing.
My nurse though, has a sense of humour to put me at ease. As I came out of the clinic last Friday, another man entered and I asked if she needed to go in as well, as I was asking her some questions. She said, ‘Oh, no need for me to go if the patient is a man, unless he is gay.’ I asked how she can tell if he is gay or not, and she said, by looking at his a@#$. We burst out laughing.
My sister, Ade, telephoned me at the hospital and commented that even though she knows I love hospital food, I shouldn’t go in so often.
I fully agree, dear sister.

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