My Bulging Handbag

Teo Cheng Wee wrote a humourous article on Sunday on something as mundane as his bulging wallet. I agreed with all his points completely. While his bulging wallet gave him a backache from having to sit lopsided on an uneven seat since one half of his bottom is elevated from the bulge, my bulging handbag too gave me backache from the weight.
Like him, I too have a bulging wallet, as a matter of fact, I have 2 bulging wallets and one bulging namecard holder. In my primary wallet where I carry my cash, I have my IC, driving license, six credit cards, 2 ATM cards, Vivoparking card, kopitiam card, Coffee beans and tea leaves card, Borders refund card, loyalty cards from bookshops and bakery, plus the mandatory passport photos of each of the kids and Mike. Worse, being a women’s wallet, there is the coin compartment which refuses to click shut from the bulge. Then in my secondary wallet, there is more credit cards (Best Denki for points when I shop there, Amex just in case they have special sales), Ezilink card, Ringgits for emergency (it saved me once when I was in JB without cash) and a few US store discount cards which I don’t know where I should keep them.
Then there is my namecard holder. Once at an ex-colleagues gathering, I took it out and a collective gasp was heard from around the table. That’s where I keep all the various VIP and discount cards from most of the shops and restaurants in Singapore.
I lug all these in my humble security bagpack, containing all the emergency stuff any women, or kids need. A large travelling pack of tissue for the the kids’ sinus allergy, a pack of wet tissue, a shawl, ladies sanitary packs for light and heavy flow, lip gloss, 3 pens, two of which often has no ink unless you scrawl hard a few times on a piece of paper, receipts, discount vouchers, not forgetting the handphone at the side pocket. Sometimes, I may even squeeze in a novel or a camera. My friends marvel at my bag, yet I marvel at their tiny Coach/Gucci etc which can’t even contain my one wallet.
My friend from yoga is even better. After yoga, she needs to go marketing. So in her bag are umbrella, towel, water bottle plus environmental friendly bags for her marketing.
If you think only aunties are like that, just so you know I’ve always have big handbags, even when I was single.
My uncle does not carry any bag. But you can tell he carries plenty by the way his pants hangs precariously at the belt and his bulging pockets. In it are state of the art latest handphone, camera, cig pack and lighter, plus I’m sure many more stuff he hasn’t taken out when he visited last Sunday. 
By the way, his wife carries a tiny bag.

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