Sebastian Chong

It’s been fun having a baby in the house, although Seb is rather quiet and one tends to forget that there is a new addition in the family, minus the new maid, of course.
For me, it’s been fun to cuddle him, then pass him over to his parents without having to take him home.
Last night, Seb gave me a present, a big pile of shit which leaked through his cloth diaper and stained my shirt. None of my kids used cloth diaper. I was so grateful for the invention of disposables that I had wondered way way back then in 1992, 1993 and 1999, who in the right mind would use cloth? Well, i guess some people and culture do regress back to old civilisation way of life. This afternoon, Seb pee-ed and again stained my shirt, although it was better than shit. The best thing about all this, all i need is to hand him back to his parents to change. (I disliked doing that before and Mike and I had often argued about whose turn it was to change the baby.)
After all that poo and pee, I should go and quickly buy 4D .


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