Hyang-to-gol Korean Restaurant

Not long ago, I found a flyer from somewhere advertising this restaurant. What attracted me was the photos of various cuts of beef and the word "$40 voucher". I had wanted to keep this for a special occasion, but it was too tempting and so, Mike and I took Aaron there last night.
The restaurant was situated at one corner on the second level of Amara Hotel, the other three corners being a Japanese restaurant, Thaning Thai and the award winning Northern Chinese restaurant Silk Road. I was worried that perhaps the prices would be ridiculously high.
We were greeted by a Korean ajuma at the counter and an ageshi urshered us to our table. The restaurant was crowded, with a mix of Koreans and office workers. The TV was on and they were showing the 7 o’clock channel U’s Korean drama Daughters-in-law.
The menu was impressive and the prices for the meat were quite reasonable. Prices ranged from $35 – 45 for 180g of beef cuts. We ordered the short ribs. Unlike other places, the vegetable wraps do not come free and cost $6 for a plate of lettuce, green chillis, with julians of cucumber and carrot and some leaves with jagged edges that were imported from Korea, very similar to the  type that garnishes sashimi in Japanese restaurant. I like the taste but the males did not. It had a herb taste that is similar to basil, but not as strong.
We also ordered Bimbibak ($20) and fried tanghoon ($20) to share. Most cooked dishes cost around that price.
To me, the attraction of any Korean resturant lies in the free side dishes that they serve. We were served a plate of green salad and sweet kimchi, plus various small saucers of thin omelate, wasabi pork skin, picked raddish, anchovies, and what looked like jelly, plus a bowl of cold sourish pickled soup each. Although there were varieties, the portion was miserable. I can practically count the 5-6 pieces of anchovies. There were only two slices of micron thin omelate dispite there being three of us, and three slices of micron thin raddish. The good size kimchi plate made the portion appear even smaller. Nevertheless, these can be refilled if necessary. (I was told by our Chinese waitress ‘but only once’.)
The tanghoon was tasty, with generous amount of black fangus, carrots and meat. The bimbibak was enough for three bowls but it was disappointingly bland. Order the plain rice instead. ($2 per bowl).
We were pleased with our choice of short ribs, for they were tender and delicious even without any marinade.
At the end of the meal, we were served ice sweetened ginger tea and cut fruits.
After the $40 discount, the bill – $101.

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