Gratitude – Mooncakes

I can’t believe another year has passed so quicky and it’s already 中秋节(Mooncake Festival). I remembered last year writing about missing Champagne Truffle mooncakes from Raffles Hotel, because our usual suppliers, my bro-in-law Frank and our neighbour Aunty Pearl did not provide any. Frank because he had gone home to Germany (it’s been 5 years since he had last bought us, and he was the one who had introduced it to us), and Aunty Pearl who annually would have received from her bankers but because of the financial crisis last year, her banks were cutting cost and did not give her any.
Well, this year, I had a fair share of Champange truffles mooncakes from many hotels. When my SIL Wei was pregnant, she must have had a craving and bought the mooncakes from Fairmount and Li Bai. When she delivered her baby, her 二哥 (second brother) rewarded her with a box from Raffles Hotel, all of which she had generously shared with us. Raffles Hotel’s is still the best, although Li Bai comes a close second.
Last night, we had another box from Raffles Hotel. Aunty Pearl’s bankers must be doing well again for she received a box from them and passed it to us. Thank you Aunty Pearl.
Yesterday, my friend Bee also gave me a box of mooncakes from the Ambassador Hotel in Taiwan. In it were mooncakes of different flavours. If you thought Singapore’s mooncakes have variety (with Durian, cranberry etc), the Taiwanese are even more innovative. One box had 火腿 as an ingredient, another had various liquors from fruits and coffee as well as brandy, yet another had 海藻糖 (seaweed sugar?).
I can’t wait to eat it this Saturday. Wishing everyone 中秋节快乐.

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