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Rekindling broken friendship

Today, I received news that my friend from KL, KPF’s mother had passed away suddenly. Since I’m going up to KL tonight, I’ve been making arrangement to go to her wake. She was my colleague from ICI days and we … Continue reading

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Love Happens – Movie review

Eight days after my pile operation.   Just a day before, I couldn’t even sit and here I was on a Tuesday night at Lido, watching the premier of Love Happens. I had thought I may need to give up … Continue reading

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Opening the wallet

When my sister was shopping at the Prada outlet in Tuscony (Italy) last week, Frank spotted a wallet and asked her if my mother uses this kind of wallet, for he wanted to buy it for her. My sister replied, … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago, Lee Wei Ling wrote in the Sunday Times about how she practices frugality and simplicity throughout her life even though she was born into a family of fame and class, in line with the education that she … Continue reading

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The past week

After one week of practically not being able to sit, I’m pleased to say that my butt is feeling much better and I’m only now able to sit without much pain. Hopefully I can sit through the new Jennifer Aniston’s … Continue reading

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PSLE Maths question- Law of Attraction

In the recent PSLE maths paper, there was this question that was published in TODAY newspaper that stumped the students and made some cry.   Jim bought some chocolates and gave half of it to Ken. Ken bought some sweets … Continue reading

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Thank you Thomas from NPark’s Contractor Kiat Lee

Faberhills Park is 40 years old and the giant sprawling raintrees are testament to the age of the estate. The lovely trees are tall, with wide umbrella-shaped canopies that crisscrossed onto neighbouring trees. Nestled at the centre of the trunks are … Continue reading

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