Spanking lowers a child’s IQ?

A news report recently stated that spanking lowers a child’s IQ – "Children in the United States who were spanked had lower IQs — by 2.8 to 5 points — than those who were not spanked…" had me worried. For a more complete scientific study, go to
Read the very interesting comments at the bottom as well.
I have been spanking Aaron a lot lately. It need not be this way.
I usually start with a polite request that he behaves, then a stern warning, followed by threats, and then SPANK! Like last Saturday during his Chinese tuition. His tutor had to call me a few times for Aaron just refused to concentrate, first playing with his glass of water, then rocking on the chair etc. I gave him a stern warning the first time. When the teacher called me again the second time, I  told him if he still didn’t behave, he’ll be caned after the lesson. Despite that, I had to go out a few times and gave him stern looks whenever I hear the tutor calls his name in exasperation. He got his due punishment.
Yesterday, I requested him to do or stop something (I forgot, but it’s either one). As usual, he ignored me and I had to warn that he’ll be spanked if he continues the behaviour. Cheekily, he asked if it’s going to be soft. I told him, if it’s soft, it’s a caress and not a spank. If I’m giving you a caress, you won’t be told, but now I said spank.
While tutoring him in Social Science yesterday afternoon, his poorest subject, I needed the cane next to me before he’d stop moving around. (One fill-in-the-blank question in a recent test asked: The Japanese entered Singapore on ____________. The correct answer was 8 Feb 1942. Aaron answered bicycles.) There I was at the table and he was walking around the room, either throwing his rubber ball or playing with his new yoyo. By the end of the tuition, I was hoarse from shouting at him, but I must say I have a much better knowledge of WW II now.
Last night, I had set him homework before leaving for a date night with Mike, promising to buy Ivan and him 茶叶蛋 (herbal eggs) when we returned. Thus I was furious when I found that he hadn’t completed his homework. His first excuse was that he did his Chinese tuition. I asked him to show me, which of  course he couldn’t, since he hadn’t done it. Then he said he had to do his school English homework. Show me! He took a past-year test paper out of his school bag and showed me the front page. I took it away from him and showed him the last page, where I had taught him the answers the day before. The result, another spank.
This morning during our walk out to the bus stop, I asked him to think about his behaviour, and why he needed to lie when he knows he’ll be found out sooner or later from past experiences. Even in the animal kingdom, the animals learn to avoid certain behaviours from experience. He being in the highest hirachy as a human, should have been wiser as he grows older.
Like the many comments in the news article, if spanking lowers his IQ but teaches him values, I’ll continue doing it.

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