The Ugly Truth

After a two-months hiatus and missing all the good chick flicks, Bee and I finally met for a movie. We had missed The Proposal and was left with The Ugly Truth. Both the shows had poor reviews in ST Life! but Bee said that she had enjoyed The Proposal on her flight to Paris and that we would enjoy The Ugly Truth too, since the reviewer was a man both times and how they won’t enjoy shows where the actions are only from the dialogues. ST Life! should never get a man to review chick flicks. Like what Mike from this show says, men are visual animal, they are not going to listen, regardless of how good the dialogue is.
The Ugly Truth starred Katherine Heigl, the new darling of romantic comedy(27 dresses) and Gerard Butler. She plays a morning TV show producer, Abby, who hadn’t had a relationship in 11 months. Pretty, smart, but a control freak, the last being the reason for her being romantically challanged. By chance, she sees a segment of a program called The Ugly Truth, hosted by Mike, when her cat accidentally stepped on the remote (I’ve to thank your pussy for that, Mike told her). He wants the female audience to know that there is no such thing as love in a man’s brain, only lust. Angry, she calls in the show and they have an arguement. The next morning, he appears on her TV station as a guest host for her TV show. As expected, the rating rose to double digit that morning, despite him being crass and vulgar on air.
Then, she meets her neighbour, Colin, a doctor, the perfect man. She strikes a deal with Mike that if she were to follow Mike’s instructions and gets Colin, they would cease their fight. If not, Mike would resign.
She got her man by dressing and behaving as per Mike’s instruction. However, just before the big night, Mike and Abby discovers their attraction and she breaks up with Colin, only for Mike to chicken out as well and quit the station.
In the last scene, they meet in a hot-air balloon where he confessed that he has fallen in love with a control freak, but she only heard the word ‘control freak’, but they end up together.
The dialogue was witty, and there was liberal usage of R(A) words. Gerard reminded me of Russell Crow with his unshaven, untidy and uncouth way. I much prefer Colin, the doctor, whom at first we thought was gay.
An easy entertainment for girls’ night out.

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