What to blog?

My sister, who lives in Germany, emails her report on her life to the whole extended family every fortnight. It started four years ago when she first moved there and has continued ever since. The submission may not be punctual, and it can be as long as two months before we hear anything, but we all look forward to reading about the seasonal changes, the antics of her kids, and the general behaviour of the Germans.
Today, one week after her last submission, she emailed another report, complaining that her husband has commented that her last report was boring. She went on to gripe about how how interesting can a housewife with two kids living in a small German village and married to a boring man be? All the interesting things that she wants to report, she has to self-censor for fear that her hubby would be unhappy/embarrassed/angry at her for telling the whole world (about him).
She is amazed that I have inspiration to blog on FB everyday. My sister may be happy to know we find her German life interesting to read, even the weather, especially Grandma, who gets the printed version from my aunt and would call me to talk about my sister’s report the following day.
Her report reminds me of the Korean drama Precious Family that had just ended it’s run last week. In the show, the patriarch of the family writes letter to his dead parents every night, reporting on the happenings of the day, his worry and pride for the children, his feeling about growing old, retirement and death, etc. Yet, in real life, he is a man of few words, preferring to let his wife do all the talking/griping/lamenting.
I don’t blog everyday. Neither do I look for inspiration to blog. I’m also just a housewife with three kids (one more to complain than her, worse, two are teenagers), an absentee husband, living in a hot and humid country with no seasons, albeit a more cosmopolitan city, but probably living a fuller life not centred around the family.
Blogging is the only writing I do regularly, something which I had always wanted to do for a profession but have not found the opportunity yet. I write because that’s the only way to improve. The lessons I learnt about writing is that I have to write regularly, about everyday mundane things if necessarily. Fortunately i have not resorted to that yet. I write whenever I feel an urge to tell something and there is no listening ears around. When there is nothing in my life to blog for the moment, I review. Restaurants, food, books, plays, events etc. Not that I have attended so many, but I try to fill my life just in case I need to. (Which reminds me, I have yet to review the show JUMP.) I quote my eighteen-year-old cousin WW, who once wrote on his FB status, "Not the amount of time you add to your life, but the amount of life you add to your time". Such wise words from a young man.
My blog is a good reminder on how much I’ve done so far. The other day, my son asked why we did not go for the Mizuno run. I can’t remember, but referring back to my blog on the last Mizuno Run reminded me of the bad organization and the reason why.
I wish my kids would write or blog too and have encouraged them to start reviewing whatever they find interesting, especially books. They each have a blog, but I think it’s been neglected.
Coincidentally, Aaron took home his results for the UNSW For English Writing yesterday and I was horrified that he failed. His class has four distinctions and one higher distinction. The topic was a TV or book review. How could he have done so badly? He couldn’t answer, but Mike could. He reminded us that that was probably the day Aaron had diarrhea and had to abort the test halfway when I took him home. I don’t know who was more relieved when we realised that was the day – Aaron or myself.
So, this is probably one of the mundane things I’m blogging about.

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