My Gynae

My sister-in-law just gave birth to my little nephew yesterday.
When she first discovered she was pregnant, she had approached me for recommendation for a gynaecologist. Regretably, my gynae, Dr J F Han, retired at 67 years old after my sister’s son, Patrick, was born three years ago. So, I do not have a gynae myself and have to resort to doing pap smear at a GP, something I would never have done if I still had my gynae.
My poor SIL had a traumatic delivery. She went into labour on Thursday morning and only gave birth at around three pm two days later. The baby wouldn’t come out and her gynae called for reinforcement. Another 8 doctors came in to assist in the pushing and episiotomy. The baby was taken immediately to ICU without even a cuddle by his parents.
My sister and I felt sorry for the new parents. We are really thankful to have Dr Han assisting our deliveries. He was my aunts’ gynae and delivered five of my cousins as well as both our children. My aunt had assured me that he would never let his patients suffer and she was right. He was always calm, funny and reassuring, although he could also be fierce and temperamental, according to our friends we recommended him to, but never to us.
His favourite phrase to us : don’t worry.
My sister remarked that luckily for her, Dr Han only retired after she delivered Patrick and that we should have begged Dr Han to come out of his retirement.
I agree. Thank goodness Aaron is my last.

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