Do I know you?

Yesterday when I went for my facial at Bodywellness, the lady at the reception, her name tag I think was Josephine, greeted me by my name. I was pleasantly surprised, as I am not a regular there and I don’t remember seeing her before. She came over to where I’ve taken a seat and offered me a cup of ginger tea. I asked how is it that she can remember my name. She told me she used to work at Modern Beauty at Taka and had seen me around. She remembered my name from there.
Wow, impressive.
I’m often impressed when someone I don’t know remembers me. Once, I went to the Teochew Restaurant at Bukit Batok and the waitress there actually greeted me as 庄小姐. I hadn’t made a reservation and yet she knew my name.
I’m deeply ashamed to admit that I’m a complete opposite. Despite being in the sales line before, I often have trouble remembering the face or the name. Sometimes, I’d find the face familiar but can’t recall the name, or the other way around. It’s highly embarrassing and gives the person the impression that I don’t find him/her important. It’s terrible, especially when I was working and meeting many people. Although I try very hard to remember a special feature about them, it’s often in vain. I need at least three encounters before the I remember the person.
When I’m out with Mike in public and a person greets us, we’d quickly whisper to each other, Do you know him? Your friend? We know we’re in trouble when both of us can’t recall.
Like that time at Best Denki IMM. I signalled a salesman there and he actually addressed me as Aunty Vicky. I looked at the young man and I was very sure I don’t know him. He told me he was the son of my ex-colleague. Max was a little boy when I last saw him and he’s now grown up and working, and he remembered me. (Proved that I’ve not aged!)
My friend, Pearly, has a fantastic memory. Not only can she recall all the incidents that had happened in primary school, she actually recognised the faces despite not seeing them after thirty years. She had met and called out to them, and they can’t recognise her either.
Me? I’m still trying to work out the names of my classmates at pilate and yoga, and it’s been two years. One classmate who had just joined the class taught me how to remeber her. Her name is Soo Young. She told me whenever I see her, to remember that she is so young.
How can I forget that?

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