Greeting Dad

Unlike many fathers living in Burgundy Drive who come home from work at 5 – 6pm and spent the night with the family, Mike usually returns to a darkened house, where each one of us is in our room, either already asleep, or doing our own stuff. Sometimes, he would come home and Andreas would still be downstairs on his notebook, or Ivan’s tuition has stretched overtime, but that’s very rare.
On Friday, as usual, we were all in our room when I heard the front door unlocked. I was already half asleep when I heard Aaron shouting for his brothers and then footsteps pounding down the stairs followed by their greetings to their father.
hmm…very unusual for them to rush down to greet their father so enthusiastically.
The next morning, I realised why.
In the garbage bin were discarded MacDonald’s wrappers and boxes. Mike had brought back leftover Macs from his office’s Science Park run. His sons were greeting MacDonalds.

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