One side effect of having dengue last week was that I couldn’t eat anything, even though my stomach was growling and i was craving food. One night, i wanted bee hoon. When Mike brought it home, I could only take one mouth. On another night, I wanted the fried mee suah from the Hokkien Huay Kuan at Upper Bukit Timah Rd. Mike was reluctant to go because of the traffic, but he could not refuse me and could not name any alternative place around where they sell fried mee suah. The mee suah smelled delicious and my craving was satisfied by just one spoonful.
Since I’ve been discharged, my favourite programmes are from Asian Food Channel. On Friday, they showed Mediacorp stars going to Beach Rd for Yong Tau Hoo. For the whole night, I could only think about Yong Tau Hoo. So early on Saturday morning, I woke Mike and insisted we drive to Ayer Rajah Food Centre at West Coast for my favourite Yoong Tau Hoo; Alas,  upon reaching there, the stall was closed. I cursed the stall owners for being lazy and not opening on a busy Saturday morning.
While I was in hospital, they had Zoe Tay going to Dempsey Road for Korean BBQ Wagyu beef on TV with Desmond Koh. OK, I’ll have that on Sunday when we go to the Esplanade. The craving may get stronger and stronger, or it may just disappear. I’ll never know.
Last week, my KL friends offered me an all expense paid trip to KL for my birthday. When she was online with me to make me the offer, I wasn’t very enthusiatic about it, as there was nothing in KL to entice my craving of the food there. Since then, that’s all there is in my mind. Aaron (they won’t allow me to bring him) reminds me to go to Lobster Man, and to eat the curry seafood noodle, as if to satisfy his craving. I’m thinking Korean BBQ beef.
It’s great to have my appetite back, but that means all the weight that everyone claimed I’ve lost from dengue would come crawling back. What the heck, eat first.

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