August 2009 had really been an eventful month. Other than the many birthday celebrations (a big hole in our expense) in my family, last month also saw the return of my sister and her family (more food), as well as my primary school class reunion, with a record turn out of 18 classmates. Then while I was in hospital, my mother decided she wants a new maid. Disappointed
On 11 August, I learned a new yoga movement called Ying Yoga, a series of poses which you need to hold for at least 30 seconds. It was supposed to be a relaxing yoga, although it can be tiring for first timers not accustomed to certain poses. That Tuesday night, I vomited before bedtime, which I thought was indigestion caused by eating too much roasted pork skin. I still didn’t feel better the next morning and in fact developed a fever. Luckily for me, the fever subsided on its own without medication two days later (which usually happen to me) and i recovered in time to go for my class reunion.
On 25 August, my seniors at Yoga class wanted my partner and I to practise Ying Yoga together. I thought it was a good workout, until I woke up the next morning with a splitting headache. I was running a high fever. I smsed my partner to see how she was, just in case Ying Yoga really did cause that. She was okay. I missed Wed’s pilate and everyone in class was worried, as we were supposed to have a party at my pilate’s teacher’s house on Fri and I’d be missed. I was more worried about missing my colonscopy on Saturday as I had already prepared myself mentally for that and did not want to miss it. Luckily, I had bowed out of CTSS’s Teachers’ Day concert because of the op or I would feel bad.
For the next two days, I woke up hoping my fever would be gone, but unfortunately not. I finally went to my GP and was prescribed antibiotics. Tamiflu is only reserved for the very ill, high risk, aged and since I’m not all the above – no Tamiflu. There is also no such thing as MC for homemakers/SAHM. So even though I was very ill, my son Andreas actually slept more than me, there’re dirty dishes in the sink and the laundry piles up everyday. I couldn’t eat or drink as everything that went in was lodged in my chest waiting for the right moment to be expelled.
By Sunday, I went back to the GP and was given Tamiflu. No choice, said my GP, giving me from his very precious stockpile. We asked about bloodtests, and dengue, but he ruled that out when he did a cross check.
On Monday night, after two doses Tamiflu, my fever was still hovering at 38.8 deg. I told Mike i want to/need to/have to/ must go to the hospital. We packed and went to Gleneagles A & E. By then, I was severely dehydrated and the doctor, an infectious disease specialist, Dr Wong Sin Yew (who was quoted in the front page ST yesterday) immediately admitted me. Blood test confirmed dengue and by then, rash has appeared on my thighs and arms. I was put on a drip and sent to the ward only at 1am.
The next morning, my fever broke finally. The rash felt like there were thousands of ants biting me. I dosed on and off, as I was monitored every hour and sleep was interupted constantly.
I was discharged after two days despite the low platelet count at my insistence. I came home with a phobia of mosquitoes and vowed to clear all my flower pots when i recover. The neighbours had all been informed that I was Case #1 in Burgundy Hill and the MC actually paid me a visit. Now i know how the first SARS and H1N1 patient feels.
Many people were surprised to hear that I was ill, as I’ve always been fit and healthy. I was told by a few that I should not fall sick, since I practise yoga. True enough, when the hospital asked about my hospital history, I had three, all from natural childbirths. It felt weird to be in hospital and friends calling you to say they are coming to visit, and they come with Brand’s essence and flowers.
I thought I would never recover my fitness as I was groggy and weak for the past few days, but I’m glad to say I feel very much better now. Mike had been wonderful as he had to straddle work, home and hospital, including getting Aaron ready for school at 6am every morning. Thank you, my dear husband!Red heart
So if you have not checked for mosquitoes recently in your house, don’t play play. I was told many dengue patients suffered extreme body ache. I was lucky I didn’t have that, either i had a different strain (there are four strains) or i was young and fit. Don’t take the chance. Do your part to prevent dengue.

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