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Spanking lowers a child’s IQ?

A news report recently stated that spanking lowers a child’s IQ – "Children in the United States who were spanked had lower IQs — by 2.8 to 5 points — than those who were not spanked…" had me worried. For a … Continue reading

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Baby comes home

After an eleven-day long wait, my nephew, to be named Sebastian, (after Sebastian Coe, the British athlete) came home last night, sleeping drowily in his mother’s arm, oblivious of the ooh’s and aah’s centered at him by his grandma and … Continue reading

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Failed Reunion

Last week, out of the blue, my friend called to tell me that our Chemistry lecturer is in town to teach at NUS for three months until November. Dr Phillip Marriot left NUS to return to Australia in the middle … Continue reading

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Reading magazines

Once upon a time, I had so much free time on hand while waiting for Aaron at the swimming pool that I had to arm myself with many reading materials. So, I subscribed to three locals magazines (Singapore Women’s Weekly, … Continue reading

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The Ugly Truth

After a two-months hiatus and missing all the good chick flicks, Bee and I finally met for a movie. We had missed The Proposal and was left with The Ugly Truth. Both the shows had poor reviews in ST Life! but … Continue reading

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What to blog?

My sister, who lives in Germany, emails her report on her life to the whole extended family every fortnight. It started four years ago when she first moved there and has continued ever since. The submission may not be punctual, … Continue reading

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Letters on Education to the press

Like clockwork, there are several times in a year when the forum page receives letters on education in Singapore. It doesn’t matter that the topics are repeated year after year. Parents write in when their children are affacted. In June/July … Continue reading

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