When I vowed to myself that I’m no longer going to meddle in Ivan’s affairs, I had expected it to be a very difficult task. True enough, I had to literally bite my tongue from giving him a lashing whenever I disapprove of something he did and keep quiet. He too, kept a distance and avoided me like a prey, not even greeting me when he comes and goes.
Gradually though, I found I like the liberation from mothering the two older boys. Mike took over the tasks of engaging Ivan and i gladly served it to him on a platter. Infact, I offer to upsize and put Aaron on it but he declined.
So, how liberating was it?
When Ivan has no school uniform, he doesn’t yell and gripe at me like he used to, but put on whatever he has in his cupboard, even the very tight ones.
He doesn’t make any noise in my presence, not even to comment on Aaron. I found that very peaceful.
Well, all that ended on Friday when I decided to end our cold war and make peace. The reason I gave him was that I’m going for a small operation and there’s a risk that I may not wake up, and I did not want him to feel guilty about how he has treated his mother if that really happen. (Yeah…touch wood!) Also, he got A2 for his Chinese O’levels and deserved a hug. Lastly, yeaterday was his birthday.
Mike warned me that even though I’ve ended my cold war with Ivan, I am still to keep out and let him handle Ivan. Hello…haven’t I been begging him to do that since PSLE? Go ahead and do your thing. Take Aaron too and truely liberate me.
My short stint of freedom ended when Ivan reminded me that I’m to drive him to piano after school today. I expect the uniform issue to follow suit pretty soon.
By the way, I’m back in his Facebook.

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