It’s been months since I caught a movie. Bee and I had wanted to catch a movie for some time but with the boys taking turns to be ill, and then it was my turn, our date just kept being postponed. With her going to Paris this weekend, it was our last chance to catch up and so, last night, we went to Vivo for a movie.
We had wanted to watch Personal Effects (with Michelle Pfeiffer) or The Proposal (with Sandra Bullock). Both were not available and so we settled for the next available chick flick (luckily there’s one) starring Jennifer Aniston.
When Bee told me about the show Management, I wasn’t sure what kind of movie it was. She tried to describe it, he owns a motel chain… follows her around USA…Sounded like a thriller or a horror movie. Who’s the lead actor? Steve Zahn? Never heard of him.
Well, Steve Zahn was surprisingly good. He has these dopey eyes that reminded you of Hush Puppies. Huge, round, earnest and innocent. (No, not  Huge Grant blinking confused look.) In the movie, he stars as Mike, the son of motel owners. He mother is sick with terminal illness and his father is stuck back in time to the Vietnam war. One day, Sue (Aniston), a corporate art sales woman from Maryland, walked in and he was smitten. She likes him too, except that he can’t give her what she wants, which is to build a soup kitchen to feed the homeless.
He bought a one way plane ticket to Maryland and she sent him back on a bus. When his mother died, Mike pawned her necklace to fly there again, only to be told that she had moved to Washington State to be with her ex-punk yogult sales millionaire ex-boyfriend. He hitch hiked across to Aberdeen, met a Chinese man who helped him win to Sue back. He failed, she married the boyfriend cos she is pregnant (not Mike’s) and he goes to a Buddhist Temple to be a monk for four months.
The temple abbot, a Vietnamese man whose parents were killed by the American during the Vietnam war, advises him to let go and move on. He passes that advice to his father. The father gives Mike the motel. Mike closes the motel and intends to start a soup kitchen. He learns that Sue has split with the husband and flies to Maryland to meet her.
The average rating for this movie in an online movie site is C- but I enjoyed it, and so did Bee and her Aussie friend who first recommended it to her.

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