Pri 6D (1977) 32nd Class Reunion

Last night, after many weeks of anticipation and organization, 17 members of class 6D from Nanyang Primary School finally met up for a class reunion at our alma mata’s 92nd anniversary.

While some of us have been meeting regularly and even had small gatherings on and off – the last time in 2005 with our class teacher- this was by far the largest turn out ever. We tried very hard to contact everyone we knew, and without much persuasion, almost all agreed to come.
Last night started early at 5.30pm at the school canteen. Sadly, this was not our school canteen as the original one had been demolished in 2004 to make way for the new primary school campus. When I arrived at 6pm, there were already many there catching up with each other and looking through a photo file. I could identify everyone almost instantly. 美清, 静贤(whom I’ve not seen since I left Nanyang), (who specially flew in from Jakarta for this), Sunny (CID, who cannot recognise any of us but we forgive him, since he deals mainly with corpses), Pat (whom I had contacted via Ivy’s Bollywood webste), 钟巨, Kain (whose family owns the Tung Lok group and had brought finger food like ham and cheese to start the wine) and 明珠. There was also another lady there who was waiting for me to identify and try as i might, I could not identify her (Mind you, many of us have 发福!). She turned out to be 钟巨’s wife, Connie, and she played the guess-who-i-am game with the lastcomers, even telling the latecomers that she used to sit behind me in class. We had a hilarious time fooling them.
At half past six, we made our way to the school hall. There, we met the rest, 大源 (still a bechalor), Lilyanti, ZiDu (who brought her daughter along), ShiokPin, WeiBin, 以莹, HowHong, Lok, and 怡治(校友会 committee member), the one who started the ball rolling for this reunion.
We opened at least 8 bottles of wine and I don’t even remember eating very much from the second dish onwards. (for the record – the caterer was from Yan Palace.) The event started with 唱校歌.

YouTube – MOV00577

Then we were entertained with dance items from the kindergarten, primary and sec school students. One highlight of the evening was when we were told we were selected for the best dressed table. My sister’s sec 4 classmates who had a table there was also chosen (All the girls wore floral dresses). We were beaten by the ‘old girls’ who garnered the most applause with their cheongsums, and who won more because they were elderly than being the best dressed table as the rest of the tables were not in sync with the two were wore cheongsum.
"See lah, told you we should have worn cheongsums instead of white shirt and blue jeans (my suggestion!). " Someone commented.
I was so busy going around greeting my teachers (VP陈JingZi, discipline mistress卓莲 and Mrs das were there) and getting their autographs on the special commemorative book that I hardly sat down. 蔡亮校长 had a busy night posing photographs, while we reminded our art teacher that he had often found our strokes very ngeow ngeow when we were his students. He said, nowadays, 越ngeow越好and invited us to join his art class.
  蔡亮校长   陈子凯老师
We were the most rowdy tables there, thanks to the wine. The only two tables to yum-seng and drew curious, at times envious glances from neighbouring tables. I remembered our last reunion in 2005 at Tung Lok was very muted, probably out of respect for my class teacher who was present. But last night, it was laughter non-stop as we recalled past incidences, people, nicknames and teachers. I laughed so hard I had lock jaws. How do they ever remember so many things? Some of what was said I felt I only heard it for the first time.
At the end of the event, we wanted to have a photo taken exactly like how we had stood in our Pri 5 photo. Standing in the school hall steps, we realised how differently we have all grown up. Some who used to always be in front had shot up and those who were always at the back were now blocked. Nevertheless, we took our place and had our photo shot by Connie. 
(Top Row: , 钟巨, 月欢, 王婉明, ?, Lilyanti, LowHowHong, Chen Chuan Da, Philip
Third Row: 莲, ?, ChuaHui Tin, ?, 李柏毅, AngShiok Pin, LeeZiDu
Second Row:Sunny Low, Me, LauShiokYee, ?, 吴秀珍, Jason Kuan, 怡治, 陈永安, 莫文
First Row: Tong OiLan, 陈志雪, 美娜, FeliciaFoo, PatLim, KokWaiBun, 余美清, 杨以莹, 沈静贤
Absent in photo : 明珠, KaIn, LokYingFang, 卢大源)
Mike, who had reminded me earlier not to be too late as he had the SBR this morning was waiting at the carpark when we exited the school hall. Many of them wanted to adjourn to somewhere else but regretable, I had to bid them farewell…
…until we meet again, 6D.

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