Living with H1N1

When Aaron told me last Tuesday aftenoon that he was having a fever, i did not believe him. (That’s what happen when one lies too often.) I had asked him to practise the piano and then do his homework but as usual, there were excuses and I had thought this was one of them. However nowadays, Singapore kids are very apt at taking their own temperature and he promptly showed me his thermometer, reading 39deg. How can someone who had just walloped a whole bowl of laksa be sick? I told him to take a cold shower, drink some water and retake his temperature. His temperature dropped 0.2deg.
In the evening at mom’s house, I told him to stay away from his two year old German cousin and his heavily pregnant aunt. Perhaps it’s just a passing fever (if there is such a thing) and you’ll be well tomorrow. That night, he told Mike and we decided he should skip school the next day.
On Wednesday, his fever had still not subsided and Mike agreed to take him to Raffles Clinic while I go for my pilate class. We met at home later and I was told he had H1N1, or 75% chance that he had. Aaron would have to skip school for 7 days and because he was asthmatic, he needed to take Tamiflu. We had made many plans for the weekend. There was supposed to be a BBQ at my place for my sister get-together with my aunts, and Aaron had the OSIM triathlon, and then there is Ah Ma’s birthday celebration on Monday. Immediately, I made a few phone calls and the BBQ was off.
We had been planning this BBQ for about 4 months, and it had been shifted, postponed and finally now cancelled. Everyone was disappointed. Can’t you just have it elsewhere without us? I asked my aunt E, who was the organiser and had specially taken a course of meat grilling at a hotel a few days ago before in preparation for this event. She said it’s no fun, but the underlying fact was that they needed Mike to do the BBQ-ing. My mother had a brilliant idea. Why don’t we have it at my (mothers’) house, and Mike can come, after all, he is not on quarantine. Poor Mike, always wanted whenever there is work to be done. I dismissed the idea immediately.
In the post that afternoon was a booklet on H1N1. The emphasis was on hand washing and as the primary caregiver (although I don’t do much as Aaron can administer his own medicine, including measuring the Tamiflu with a syringe) I was so afraid to be infected that whenever I see Aaron, I wash my hands. Luckily the sun was cooperative and I put almost everything out in the sun to be uv-rayed.
On Thursday, Aaron’s fever was all gone and he seemed to have recovered. He was bored at home and asked if he can go to the park. I looked at him as if he had gone mad. I had just asked the cleaners to disinfect all the door knobs, telephone, switches and he wants to go out?
On Friday I bought lunch home for Aaron. The pig’s organ soup looked very delicious and I asked to try some. Okay, but don’t take the meat ball as there are only two, said my generous son. I took two spoonful and remembered…aarrh… I looked at him and he assured me he hadn’t drank any yet.
Evening, the door bell rang. Zachary, his school mate from three doors away wanted to come and play. Aaron’s face lighted up and he greeted him like long lost friends, but before Zachary could even open the gate, i screamed from inside. He cannot come in, we’re on quarantine.
Zachary, smart boy, immediately suggested that they could still play if Aaron keeps his mask on. Both boys looked at me hopefully and I shook my head.
Tonight, there’ll be a birthday celebration for my MIL at The Line @ Shangri-la. I have volunteered to stay back with Aaron, even though some have suggested it should be okay for him to attend, since tomorrow is the last day of his MC, while others reminded me that there are old people around. So to play safe, we’ll stay home.
On the whole, my patient had been rather cooperative and stayed in his room most of the time. Both of us can’t wait for his quarantine to be over.

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