The spa experience – pressure instead of pleasure

The letter below in italics was published on ST Online today. I wrote it on Thursday night, before my facial appointment on Fri. I was dreading to go for my appointment but I had 55 sessions which I need to complete within one year and i shudder to think what I have to go through after my facial.
My last appointment at the Jurong East outlet ended with a bitter after taste as the Chinese national who served me after my facial was rude and unpleasant. She turned nasty when I refused to convert and top up another $600. Subsequent effort to make appointments was futile as soon as I told them my client number.
Fortunately at the town branch yesterday, the manager, also a Chinese national, who served me was both polite and understanding to my plight. I told her about the negative reports I had read about her company on the internet and asked her to put herself in my shoes. Upon hearing that, she did not pursue and even managed to book another appointment for me. I exited the spa feeling much lighter than before.
I hope other spa owners would take heed too.
The spa experience – pressure instead of pleasure

SINGAPORE has seen a boom in the spa industry in the past few years. Consumers are enticed by the low first-visit prices and cheap packages.

However, pressure selling and unethical business practices have made spa-going pressurising instead of pleasurable. After a relaxing facial or massage, spa-goers are made to sit through an hour of sales talk, even though they have already paid for many sessions.

A brand-name spa in Ngee Ann City where I was a member disappeared without informing me and resurfaced elsewhere with a new name. Then, after locating it, I was told my package had expired. I could extend it for only one more year, or top up another $600 for a two-year extension for my 55 sessions leftover. Every visit to that spa ends with pressure selling that is dreaded.

Perhaps these spas could take a lesson from my neighbourhood Traditional Javanese Massage Hut, where consumers renew their packages automatically without being prompted. I marvelled at the difference, but it is obvious why – hassle-free appointments, good service and no pressure selling.



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