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Naming the new baby – a concerted effort

  On Sunday, the whole family was gathered at Mariner’s Corner to celebrate Ivan’s 16th Birthday. Brother-in-law Frank happened to be in town on business, a week after we sent his family back to Germany. We chit-chatted and Frank told … Continue reading

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When I vowed to myself that I’m no longer going to meddle in Ivan’s affairs, I had expected it to be a very difficult task. True enough, I had to literally bite my tongue from giving him a lashing whenever … Continue reading

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Got kicked out of my son’s Facebook

Yesterday, after posting my family’s photos in FB, I wanted to tag the people in the photos so that they’d be informed that the photos are up. Despite going through the list a few times, i failed to find Ivan’s … Continue reading

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It’s been months since I caught a movie. Bee and I had wanted to catch a movie for some time but with the boys taking turns to be ill, and then it was my turn, our date just kept being … Continue reading

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Pri 6D (1977) 32nd Class Reunion

Last night, after many weeks of anticipation and organization, 17 members of class 6D from Nanyang Primary School finally met up for a class reunion at our alma mata’s 92nd anniversary. While some of us have been meeting regularly and … Continue reading

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Good Samiritans

The boys play soccer with the neighbours at the Faberhills Park daily. This is a beautiful park, with matured giant raintrees scattered around. There are about ten boys, and Aaron is the youngest, with the oldest boy at twenty, although … Continue reading

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Yesterday was National Day. Despite the many efforts by the organizer, when my sister went for her sec 4 class reunion on Saturday and asked if they were going to do it at 8.22pm, all of them looked at her … Continue reading

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