Any Dream will do (BBC’s serach for Joseph)

I was channel surfing on Fri night and happened to chance upon a new reality singing show on BBC Entertainment Channel (Starhub Ch 76). This was similar to the ‘Idols’ and "Got Talents’ shows, with a panel of judges giving comments and predicting who would be sent off, with the actual sent-off decided by votes, except that the singing standard here is very high. All the male contestants were vying for a place to star in the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical "Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat".

I watched "Joseph" in Kallang Theatre in 1998 and loved the simple story line and the catchy tunes. I would have loved to catch Donny Osmond performed then, but that was an Australian cast. Donny Osmond was Joseph for many years at West End (and sister Marie also acting in musical as Maria in Sound of Music).

Last week, there were 9 contestants but 7 places left. All the singing were very good, and I wondered how the audience voted. My guess is that they were based on looks. Out of the two who were voted off, one would be given a chance to come back by Sir Andrew. They had to perform, with emotion, the song "He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother." Finally, the oldest contestant were given the boot off, even though he was not in the prediction list by the judges. The person who is leaving would sing his swan song "Close every door", also from the musical.

If you like musicals, you would enjoy the show. See a preview below.

YouTube – Any Dream will do Josephs on Blue Peter Pt 2


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