Prayers for Ivan

The prelims are just around the corner and the o’levels are but 3 months away. Every few days, my aunts would ask "How is Ivan?". I don’t know what answer they expect from me. The same answers that I had been giving them for the past few months, or a new miraculous answer that we all want to hear.
By being unexpectedly at the top 10% of his cohort in the PSLE exams, Ivan had fuelled the family (and extended family)’s expectation of him doing well in the O’levels as well. His poor performance and attitude thus far has resulted in this frequent questioning to his mother.
Yesterday, my aunt C msn-ed me the same question yet again. She could feel the frustration in my reply and she replied, I’ll pray for him tomorrow.
Huh? pray? where? to who? I bombarded her.
To my surprise,this aunt has been visiting Novena every Saturday and she revealed that she had been praying for Ivan. I was touched. (I too attended Novena Church when i was sixteen with another aunt for a few months just prior to my O’levels, and after my parents separated.)
She is not the only one praying for Ivan.
Yesterday, I met up with Ivan’s classmate’s mother from Sabah, whom we had first met during the teachers-parents meeting last year. Our sons are good friends and we compare notes often on how they are faring in school. Don’t worry, I’ll pray for him. She once told me.
I had laughed and thanked her. Dr Ong, Ivan’s principal had said the same thing to the parents when he met us in March. I had laughed aloud then too when he said that and he had looked sternly at me.
When my good friend TSF from KL stayed over at my house the last few times, she witnessed my frustration and anger. She, a very active church member, told me she’ll pray for Ivan. She had mass prayers ever so often, pray for this and that, pray for Malaysia, the recent World prayer in June, etc and she knew I was skeptical about how effective it would be. Skeptical, but grateful all the same.
I myself have done the same thing – prayed and hope that somewhere, some divine intervention can help Ivan. At Angkok Wat, in a Lijiang temple, to the Tibetan altar atop the snow peak mountains in Shangrila. As long as there are setup for prayers, I’ll say a little prayer for Ivan.
All this would probably seem ridiculous to some readers, and to me too next year, when the o’levels results are out and i ‘d wonder what all the fuss was about. It would probably seem ridiculous to Ivan now if he were to read this.
Ridiculous or not, I hope you hear our prayers, Ivan.

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