How well do you know me?

I’ve been invited to take these quizzes on Facebook, How well do you know me?. My eldest even had two levels, easy and expert. For my sons’ quizzes, I’d scored a respectable 60%. I could have gotten more, if Aaron had put in the correct answer to his own quiz. When I told him that his answer was wrong, he said oops! See lah, the mother knows him better than himself.
I had been invited to set the quiz for myself. I’ve tried, but guess what? I realise that I don’t even know the answers myself. Perhaps it’s easier when one is younger, to be fixed on certain ideas (and ideals) and that everything is either black or white. As one ages, one tends to be more flexible.
The quiz prompts you with certain questions.
Should be easy right, except that I cannot quite make up my mind. Why should I limit myself to just one answer?
Eg, On certain days, my favourite ice cream flavour may be vanilla, but on other days, it may be chocolate. That’s why I always buy a few flavours in my fridge. Ditto for favourite colours, stars, books etc.
Am I a good liar? I would think not, but then the person I’ve lied to might think otherwise.
How old was I when i went on my first date? I can’t remember, and would I even consider that a date?
Thus, after struggling with the questions and my own answers, I give up.
My friends had told me before that they know me better than I know myself. Quite true. Sometimes, how others see you is quite different from how you see yourself.

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