What i watched on TV last weekend

Pardon the title, but I didn’t want to mislead anyone into thinking I was having an affair by writing that title down.

Last weekend on HBO, they showed Love Affair, a movie starring Warren Beatty and Annette Benning, one of my favourite actress, although I can’t say the same about him. (What does Annette see in Warren Beatty to have married him, i wonder.)
Although I have never watched this movie, there was a sense of familarity about it. Mike and Terry met and fell in love while on a holiday, although both were attached to someone else. Not wanting this to be just a holiday romance, they agree to think it over and if the feelings are still there, they arrange to meet each other at Empire State Building in 3 months’ time.
Sounds familiar right? Unbeknown to be, Love Affair is the remake of the 1957 movie An Affair to Remember, starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. I had probably watched this movie when I was a young child.
In the movie Sleepless in Seattle, there was a scene when Tom Hank’s real wife, Rita Wilson, talks about this movie An Affair to Remember and how romantic it all was. She gives a very good summary of what the movie is about here in this clip.


YouTube – Sleepless in Seattle – " affair to remember VS dirty dozen"


I watched Sleepless in Seattle many times in the numerous reruns they have on HBO and told myself I must get a copy of the DVD of An Affair to Remember. When I was at Empire State Building in February 2007, they were selling this DVD in the souvenir store at top floor. There were of course other shows, like King Kong, where Empire State Bldg was a feature in the movie. I bought the DVD even though it cost a bomb.


 Empire State building 2007

Guess what, HBO showed Love Affair about three times last weekend and I watched all it three times. I was like Rita Wilson in the video, all choked up because Terry did not get up from the couch the whole time Mike was there, talking to her, and almost walking out after saying goodbye, until he remembered that the young lady who bought the painting was sitting on a wheelchair.

Both movies are worth watching if you are a die-hard romantic. An Affair to remember because of the Cary Grant, and Love Affair because Warren and Annette have such good chemistry together.






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